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Shanghai Saizhuang Company Profile

Shanghai Saizhuang Company Profile


We are PVC additives manufacturer with 3 factories - 2 factories in China and 1 factory in Vietnam Bac Ninh.  We serve PVC industries includes rigid PVC products and cable products. Main products include Ca-Zn stabilizer, compound processing aid, PE Wax, ACR, CPE, carbon black, etc.

Services we offer:

•Customized Additive Formulation
•Technical Support and after-sales service
•Quality Control
•Regulatory Compliance
•Logistics and Supply Chain Management
•Market Insights

Our core competitiveness is professional product innovation capabilities based on profession and stable, continuously optimizing supply chain system.  Overall, our goal is to provide comprehensive support to our PVC products manufacturer customer, helping them optimize their product performance, ensure regulatory compliance, and achieve success in their international business endeavors.

Looking forward to working with you.

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Email:wanghx@saizhuangsh.com, shszhg@163.com; 903580705@qq.com


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